Financial Institutions Forum - September 24&25

Building a resilient financial system for the MENA region, to foster private sector growth and meet modern needs. MENAFIF drives positive and sustainable impact investment.


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The Middle East and North Africa Financial Institutions Forum connects investors and lenders with potential clients and borrowers in the region’s capital markets. Together with our attendees we explore new partnerships for sustainable economic and financial development across markets and across sectors. Get the latest insights on rapidly developing topics like financial inclusion, raising capital, blended finance, Islamic finance and green investments.

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The Challenge

Where challenges meet opportunities you will find the region’s financial stakeholders. At MENAFIF we dive into topics and models to build a resilient financial system in the MENA region. The business opportunities and on-stage debates highlight private sector growth across countries and societies. Learn from and connnect with:

  • Leading regional FIs

  • Regulators and policy makers

  • Investment banks and boutiques

  • DFIs and impact investors

  • Non Banking Financial Institutions and MFIs


hours of exclusive networking

The forum accounts for multiple networking moments . With the dedicated mobile event app it is easy and quick to schedule own 1-on-1 meetings.




The program offers insights and outlooks from leading organizations, decision makers and market changers. What drives their agenda and how do they approach a changing financial landscape? Position yourself for the future.




Join your peers and (potential) clients form the region. The MENAFIF offers you the best chance to fill your business agenda with follow-up meetings for months to come.


MENAFIF, its network and its goals were born in the Asia Financial Institutions Forum with the inaugural edition January 2019.

AFIFORUM key insights:

| 570+ attendees

| 34 sponsors and partners

| Delegates from 46 countries